Roland Carta

  • 18 April 2015

Roland Carta

The agency CARTA-Associés, created in 2009, carries on an architectural history begun 35 years ago.
Based in Marseilles and Nice, it became known thanks to the competitions for important public equipments made in the eighties in France and abroad.
CARTA-Associés gathers around 40 collaborators, especially architects. They all share, with Roland CARTA et Stéphan BERNARD, the wish to create around an essential idea: a building is created thanks to a teamwork, from the design to the construction.
This common development is structured by a learning process made of enough hierarchy to operate efficiently, enough independance to free imagination, enough generosity and availability to hand down.
Our team is a way to create links with the external consultants and share our skills in order the technical, scientific, artistic, landscape carateristics to be present and assumed in the architectural design. It is also a manner to integrate different ways of working and to develop our open-mindedness as much as our listening abilities.
The agency does not claim for a particular writing or architectural style.
All the projects are different and each one is linked to the place where it was born – always in dialog with its place of birth.
The architects in charge endeavour to respect their use quality and their constructive durability, with the view of the social acceptability and the share of a common professional ethics: architecture must mainly act to better live.
The agency works around a group of managers, assisted by architects (depending on the needs of each project): flexibility and adaptability let the agency participate to all-sized projects.
Autonomous entities dedicated to each project are created to offer the best efficiency. Collaborators are choosen regarding their knowledge about the subject.
The agency has a hub specialized in the construction sites, providing knowledge and feedback required for the enrichment of the collaborators.
Aware that economics and ecology are modifying the issues of construction and the modes of buildings’ use and management, the agency is attentive to its responsability evolution and to the improvement of its reflexion and actions areas.