Dialog as a design tool

“Dialog as a design tool”, structured in six acts, deals with dialog on different themes, from the city to the journey, from technology to matter, passing through the history and the client, without forgetting the relationship with the time. (alfonso femia)

The city as a dialog tool

The city is the place, the collective imagination, the destination and the starting point, the occasion and the life, work and pleasure, beauty and banality, collectivity and intimacy.
The city can be rediscovered through the glance of who lives it and uses it in different ways, with particular attention of the people who confront themselves with it by doing different jobs or finding themselves in different situations.
The city is the place where to build and research the projection of the future. Through “the city that i would want” question, we try to understand which effective, desired, wished relationship the city is able to establish with its 
permanent and / or transient, nomadic, inhabitants.
(alfonso femia)