500×100 is a place where dialog occurs through physical encounter, in the search of glances and words that generate reflections, connections and thoughts when they meet.
A way to confront each other on the city, become aware of it and discuss different visions.
It aims to become a common and daily sharing dialog tool in different fields and with different languages. A system capable of creating connections and debates, dialog and cohesion.

500×100 was conceived by Alfonso Femia with the contribution of Eugenio Pasta, Marco Predari, Sergio Lo Giudice and Simonetta Cenci. It relies on the collaboration with Giorgio Tartaro and PPAN as permanent actors in the construction of dialog as a design tool. It is promoted by Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia and Universal Selecta.

compagni di viaggio 2020
Attico Interni, Staygreen, Ecocontract, Federico Berruti, Antonio D’Oca

compagni di viaggio 2019
Staygreen, Omnitex, Ideal Standard