Caroline Bindel

  • 5 July 2016


Caroline Bindel

Caroline Bindel is 36 years old. She is a journalist.
She worked during several years for the written press, notably for the free newspapers of Bolloré Group: “Direct Soir” and “Direct Matin +”.
In 2013, she created the communication agency ZAD, specialised in architecture, art and design with Benjamin Vincent because she wanted to be more involved in the cultural and event life of Marseilles. ZAD agency is working for the architecture agency Carta Associés and is in charge of the privatization of the MAMO, among others things…
In parallel, she continues her journalist activity (for the LUXE supplement of La Provence, Version Femina, etc.) and she creates a blog “Une femme française” where she highlights her publications for different magazines and some unpublished articles.