Lionel Blaisse

  • 5 Luglio 2016


Lionel Blaisse

Lionel Blaisse is the holder of a certificate of urban planning and management. Until 1998, he was a free-lance architect. He now dedicates himself to writing and specialized advice in architecture.
As a free-lance journalist, he collaborated with numerous magazines such as Archicréé for which he has been the assistant editor. He is also the author of more than twenty books like for example the two volumes of the collective book Temps denses (created in 1999) that analyzed in a transversal way the highlights of the creation in architecture, beauty, communication, design and fashion.
He manages the collections of the books Hôtels d’Architectes and Particules hôtelières for Archibooks.
He regularly works as a consultant for contracting authorities, architecture agencies, manufacturers of building field, luxury brands and design distributors.