Deborah Napolitano

  • 20 janvier 2017

Deborah Napolitano

Deborah Napolitano, lives in Salerno, class ’73, graduated at the Faculty of Architecture in Naples.
With curious spirit and strong practical sense she begins experimenting by herself with materials and techniques typical of the artisan making also valid in various forms of art and design.
In Milan she attended the Master in Industrial Design from Domus Academy and then devoted herself to the design of interiors and commercial spaces in the luxury and fashion sector.
The return to Salerno marks a fundamental change in the way to externalize her creativity.
The sheet gives way to materia, the forms are shaped and not drawn, the scale goes from urban dimension to the human dimension and the visions pass from architecture to sculpture.
Shaping the materia and dressing the surface of chromatic expressiveness becomes the way in which Deborah communicates herself. The environment provides the materia and the story to assimilate and perpetuate, ceramics – made of clay and its enamels – becomes the sheet on which impress ideas.
After participating in various art collective, she organizes numerous events taking care of the equipment, graphics, and the selection of artists and works until she assumed in March 2015, the Artistic Direction of The Balcony Furitana, experimental project for the Museum of Sacred contemporary Art and Art Gallery in the Amalfi Coast.
In June 2015 she debut with the group « Venti d’Italia » and its project of “Suspended Wanderings” by prof. Pasquale Persico and the Collective « Beastly » by prof. Giorgio Levi.
In December 2015 is a founding member of « Made in Salerno » which aims to promote and disseminate the work of Artists, Craftsmen and Excellencies of Salerno Territory as well as the enhancement and continuation of the tradition and culture of the visual arts of Salerno .