Yann Kersalé

Yann Kersalé

  • 28 Giugno 2016


Yann Kersalé

Born 17th February 1955, France.
1978 – he graduates with the Diplôme National Supérieur d’Expression Plastique from the Quimper School of Fine Arts
1983 – Creation of the studio in Paris
1999 – Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres

Yann Kersalé is an artist who makes use of light as a medium of expression like others use a brush to show their ideas.
He picks nighttime, prime domain of sensitivity, as a field of experimentation.
Throughout the use of volumes and constructions, he suggests new tales for the modern city.
Yann Kersalé seeks creative grounds within specific sociological, historical, geographical or architectural elements, in order to extract narrative themes. Playing with these principles, he redefines a place by technical means but above all given a new sensitivity to a space.
Hence, he creates luminous fictions in urban areas, geo-poetical wanders in nature or elaborates his own Light-substances. It is following this trend that most of his projects are designed.
Since thirty years Yann Kersalé scours the world and explores different forms of landscape from dusk to dawn.