Virginio Briatore

  • 10 juillet 2018

Virginio Briatore
Design philosopher and observer of contemporary style

Virginio Briatore, born in Piedmont (1955) is a design philosopher and observer of contemporary style. He has held workshops and seminars on these topics both in Italy and abroad, has published 11 books, at least 500 articles and coordinated research and workshop-competitions for Lavazza, Epson, Samsung, Citroën, Martini&Rossi, JVC, Dainese, Guzzini, Safilo, Whirlpool, Panasonic.
Since 2007 is design consultant at Lavazza spa.
Since 2013 is strategy consultant at Lago spa.
He writes for INTERNI, D. La Repubblica delle Donne, Casaamica + Io Donna/Corriere della Sera, Surface + Graphis (NY), Design Week ( UK), DAMn° (Bruxelles), CasaVogue Brasil.
He works in Milan and lives in Ravenna with his wife Rita and children Luigi (1996) and Valentino (1998).