Davide Vargas

Davide Vargas

  • 11 novembre 2016


Davide Vargas

Davide Vargas, a man of letters-architect, in Alessandro Mendini’s words, was born in Aversa near Caserta on August 15, 1956. He graduated around the time of the 1980 earthquake in Naples. From 2003 to 2010 he worked from Vargas Associati [with Luciano Palmiero].
All of my designs are rooted in a land that “offers constant reasons for pain and love” [the dedication to Racconti di qui]. The San Prisco Town Hall was a part of my life for twelve years and reflected personal and contextual changes and evolutions. The Student Dormitory built on the site of the former district prison and the Striped House, both in Aversa, reflect the contradiction of this place. The Sclavia Winery and House F in Liberi (Caserta) confront a powerful landscape.
But I write [Gianni Biondillo and Francesco Forlani are also responsible]. My first short stories appeared on Nazione Indiana. Then in 2009 I published “Racconti di qui” with tullio pironti editore, the the same publisher who printed “Racconti di architettura” in 2012. The same year letteraVentidue printed “Città della poesia”. Then in 2014 letteraVentidue printed “Opere e Omissioni_Works and Omissions”.
And I draw: “Alberi”, an artist book printed in 250 numbered copies, ilfilodipartenope.