Pino Scaglione

  • 10 May 2016


Pino Scaglione
Architect and Professor of Urban Design and Landscape

Giuseppe (Pino) Scaglione was born in Acri [Cosenza] in the 18 May 1955.
He has founder and director of the “Laboratori Internazionali di Strategie Urbane e Progetto”, in wich he his coordinated more important and topics researches and workshop program of the urban design, regeneration, architecture and landscape. He has led several meetings and cultural conferences and study seminar, research on issues relative to the architectural, urban design and landscape. Currently he is Editorial Director of LIST Lab, international publisher of Architecture, Urbanism, Landscape, Design and Photography. He is one of the contributors of the “VI Biennale di Architettura di Venezia” (Marino Folin curator) and here he exhibits on the invitation of the international jury and of the curator Hans Hollein. He is leader of the research and project team of the different works and researches about the urban system, and others important programmes of planning and urbanism for public institutions in Italy and the Europe. She is referent, and part of the Scientific Boards, of exchange meetings and dialogues with some of the most important Italian and European magazine of Architecture and Urbanism and Scientific and Academic Institutions. He has written and published several writings and essays in magazines and books. Recently i the author of differents international book: “Cities in Nature”, published by List Lab, Trento-Barcelona, 2012, Editor and Director of “”, monomagazine of urban design, cities, architecture and urban cultures; “Slow City”, published by List Lab, Trento-Barcelona, 2008-2012; Urbanistica n.137 (2008) of the Territorial Plan of the Calabria Region, and more others books and essays.