A2 Studio Gasparri e Ricci Bitti Architetti associati

  • 20 February 2018

A2 Studio Gasparri e Ricci Bitti Architetti associati

Antonio (Gasparri) was born in Imola on 08/04/1964. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Florence, in 1998, following ten years’ work experience; Andrea (Ricci Bitti) was born in Faenza on 3 April of the same year and also graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Florence, in 1990.
Both worked with Architect Francesco Coppola from 1990 until 2004.
Their destiny seemed to have been written even before the beginning; the outcome was the foundation of A2studio, on May 1st 1994. However the letter “A” is not linked exclusively to their initials.
From the outset, their professional activity has always triumphed in several design fields, including the hospitality sector; one fine example is the project for the outdoor facilities of the resort Monte del Re (2007) on the hillside of Dozza near Imola, and the interiors of the extension of the Hotel Ville Panazza (1994-1995), located in the beautiful setting of Mordano. In 1999, they began a 5-year period of collaboration with a leading company specialized in display systems. This resulted in the creation of numerous showrooms and exhibition stands in the more important Italian trade shows.
Deserving a mention are two exhibition halls in the specialist trade show for bathroom fittings and fixtures ‘Arredo bagno e Ceramiche’ – Cagliari (2004), Sardinia, the Simei Showroom – Imola (2006/2007) and the GMC Showroom – Campobasso (2010). These activities proceeded in parallel with their operations in residential architecture, with a design language that ranged from innovative eclecticism to a return to the origins and local traditions. They have a strong sensitivity for ecology and this drove the design with new materials such as wood; the architects always paying maximum attention to detail and the fine finishing touches, essential ingredients in the creation of atmosphere, sensations and emotions. The same care and attention has been dedicated to their projects for management offices: the workspace is at the core of the plans with the wellness of the staff the priority factor. The studio’s most important projects include the ‘Mercatone Uno’ office facilities in Imola, in collaboration with Arch. Francesco Coppola (1999-2000); the office building for “CirAmbiente” (1999-2000), the headquarters for the companies Akron (2008), Acantho (2009) and HeraComm (2009) and the interior design for the general headquarters of the Rava – Aurora Group in Faenza, completed in 2009. They recently terminated the Effedue building (2013), a prestigious management facility, designed for man and his wellness; the architects skilfully combined beauty, comfort and performance in this exciting complex.
The architects’ primary focus is always their care and precision for the design. Their activities range from stand layout arrangements to interior design, all spiced with artisan creativity and custom furnishings; redevelopment and design of public amenities and historical or listed buildings; residential and commercial properties; small-scale urban development projects, such as the plans for the “Città di Toscanella”, in collaboration with Architect Francesco Coppola: this is a redevelopment program for a former industrial area.
Their design approach is always free from preconceptions and oriented to the reinterpretation of the specific location and the requisites stipulated in the client’s brief. Research and experimentation are the key features in their professional approach; when required, the architects avail of the expertise of out-sourced consultants, with specialist knowledge in other fields (structural planning, utility plant design etc.), managing and coordinating the individual activities. In 2009, the architects began working with studio aMdL (Arch. Michele De Lucchi and Arch. Angelo Micheli) and designed the new office facilities for the service company Hera (a total of 23 sites throughout the Emilia Romagna region). They also designed and completed the restructuring plans for a number of luxury residential properties.
The studio has also submitted numerous projects for design competitions across Italy. The studio’s attention for sustainability and the environment has allowed it to use its creativity and expertise with the same dedicated passion in spheres that are not exclusively architectonic. As a result, in 2010, the architects designed Europe’s largest floating photovoltaic plant consisting of five technical islands that floated on water; the project covered approximately 5,500 sq.m.; in 2011, they created the new design for photovoltaic canopies (993.6 kWp) for the parking lot of ‘The Style Outlet’ in Castel Guelfo and in 2013, the plans for the photovoltaic plant at the International Car Racing Track ‘ Enzo Dino Ferrari’ in Imola.
The core components of the studio’s projects are sustainability and protection of the environment; the plans are always associated with strong identity and unique qualities. The numerous projects the studio has completed for the public administration and for important private clients in residential and community sectors determine a design reality with complete expertise of enormous importance on the Italian design and architectonic panorama.